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The Country Kids Charity

On behalf of Middlemount Coal, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generous contributions that were donated to our Charity Auction for Little Windmills.

We are extremely grateful for your support as without generous people and their respective companies our Auction would not have been the success it was.  The success of our Auction was primarily dependant on the contributions of our team members, our suppliers and contracting partners.  The continued support that we received from all the suppliers involved in the event was overwhelming, and to see so many shared the same passion for others and the Little Windmills cause, as ourselves and the Little Windmills team, was touching.

Our Charity Auction event far out performed the expectations and goals that we had set for ourselves at the commencement of our journey with the Little Windmills team.  The continued generosity was inspiring with items being donated up to the start of the auction.

Having the team from little Windmills attend the auction made the event more special as they were able to witness firsthand the passion that we share, for the amazing work that they do.

In all, through cash donations and the Auction event we were able to raise $70,000 for Little Windmills, an awe-inspiring result for the support of the generous people that our organisation and our suppliers have within their teams.

Thank you again for all that we have been able to achieve.


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